Tears of Themis: Electrifying Night - Questions and Correct Answers

Tears of Themis: Electrifying Night - Questions and Correct Answers
Tears of Themis: Electrifying Night - Questions and Correct Answers

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On this page, you will find answers to the challenges in the Electrifying Night event in Tears of Themis.

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"Electrifying Night" Event Period: 25.03.2022 11:00 - 15.04.2022 04:00 (UTC+9)

Questions and Answers

After making a cool puzzle in part one, part two of the Electrifying Night event is now in full swing. This event is a very detailed and fun dice game where you move your character around the map alongside one of the four male leads – which one, that's your choice. One of the most interesting things about the map event is the riddle cell, which gives you a question for you to answer. This Tears of Themis Electrifying Night questions guide will give you the solutions for these riddles.

Questions about Marius

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Which is Marius' codename in NXX?


Other than painting, what else is Marius good at?


Which of the following physical activities does Marius enjoy?

Extreme sports

Who is Vyn to Marius?


According to Marius, who was his mentor in fine arts?

Van Kerrel

If Marius were to invite you to skiing, where would the most likely place be?

The Alps

Marius is gifted a bottle of kirsch. Is this alcohol distilled from cherries?


Marius ordered a long island iced tea. Where did this drink originate from?

Long Island

Marius specializes in which style of painting?

Oil painting

What is Marius currently studying at Stellis University?


What is Marius' seniority in his family?

Second child

Where did you and Marius first meet?


Where was the top-tier art school Marius attended?


Questions about Vyn

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Vyn likes which style of dress?


Vyn lost his glasses. He'll need to get a new pair of...

Nearsighted glasses

Which branch of psychology does Vyn specialize in?

Criminal Psychology

Where does Vyn have a mole?

By his eye

What kind of music does Vyn like?


What kind of aesthetic does Vyn prefer?

European Vintage

Who is Vyn to Marius?


What is Vyn's profession?


Vyn once performed "Dressage," it's a form of:


Vyn sees that you're thirsty. What will he most likely buy for you?

Black tea

Which pocket does Vyn usually keep his badge in?

Left breast pocket

Which of the following sports is Vyn best at?


Who invented the tesla coil Vyn showed you?


Other than criminal psychology, what else is Vyn good at?


Questions about Luke

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How old was Luke when he was accepted into National Center University?


Who's Luke's favorite novelist?

Arthur Conan Doyle

Luke invites you to an ice-skating challenge. First, you need to put on:

Ice skates

Luke used to sing to you "Twinkle twinkle little star..." What is the name of the song?

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Luke bought you some ginger biscuits. What is an ingredient in ginger biscuits?


What snack is Luke most likely to buy for you?

Candied fruit

Luke was away from Stellis for how long?

8 years

You and Luke once made steamed tangerine crabs, a specialty dish from which country?


What kind of cuisine is Luke's tomato omelette?

Home cooking

What was Luke's major in university?


What is the name of Luke's antique shop?

Time's Antiquities

What university did Luke attend?

National Central University

Questions about Artem

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What does Artem prefer to do on weekends?

Taking a leisurely drive

In the NXX, what kind of cases is Artem in charge of?

Missing persons cases

Which pocket does Artem keep his badge in?

Left chest pocket

Which accessory does Artem wear on his tie?

Tie clip

Artem invites you to have "yin-yang hot pot." What is its defining characteristic?

Two soups

Artem offers to cook you a Chinese fish dish. What is it likely to be?

Song sao fish

Artem specializes in which branch of the law?

All branches

Artem went on a business trip to the North and saw tree branches covered in ice crystals. What is this phenomenon called?


Because of Neil's influence, Artem provides which service to disadvantaged groups every month?

Legal aid

How old was Artem when he became a senior attorney?


What is Artem's signature dish?

Sweet and sour pork

During his free time on weekends, Artem assumes what other identity?

Movie Critic

Artem is the country's youngest what?

Senior attorney

Which sport does Artem like?


Which genre of books does Artem enjoy reading?

Science Fiction

Who is the "mentor" that Artem sometimes references?

Neil Hume

Aside from Celestine, who else is a senior partner at Themis Law Firm?

Artem Wing

Questions about MC

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What is your NXX codename?


You run into one of Baldr's senior attorneys at the fair. His name is:

Howard Syter

Where did you and Marius first meet?


Questions about Stellis

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Which of the following is NOT a landmark of Stellis?

The Pentagon

What is the longest river in Stellis?

The Stellis River

What is the signature dish at Penny's Comfort Foods?

Seafood tofu soup

Which company does Pedro work for?


Penny's Comfort Foods' seafood tofu soup uses spring water from which location?

Cloudbreak Mountain

Which is the other pharmaceutical giant besides Crimson Biotech?

Pax Pharmaceutical

Who founded Themis Law Film?

Celestine Taylor

Darius found a highly potent poison while investigating a case. What could it be?

Potassium cyanide

Which is the largest law firm in Stellis?

Baldr Legal Office

In Stellis, when is court usually held at?

10:00 AM

The Stellis Zoo has received gift of two kangaroos from a sister city. Which country is this city likely to be in?


What is Stellis' official flower?


You met a very nice bar owner on Skadi Islan. His name is?

Johann Brose

A movie with the topic of fad culture had won awards in the Stellis Movie Festival. Who is the organizer for the Stellis Movie Festival?

Stellis Museum


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Which of the following Greek gods is associated with love?


Other questions

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Who is the partner to Sherlock Holmes?


What kind of flower is the Blue Enchantress?


How many strings are there on a guitar?


The day before Christmas is usually called:

Christmas Eve

The card game contract bridge is played by how many players?


Out of all of Van Gogh's sunflower pieces, how many of them feature 15 sunflowers?


Of the following, who is most likely to be fluent in German?

Artem Wing

What does "XO" stands for in terms of cognacs?

Extra Old

Who is the author of the Snow Queen?


What is the name of the Japanese mythical monster that can conjure blizzards?

Yuki Onna

Which continent did coffee originate from?


If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, what season will it be there during Christmas?


In Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales, who is it that sold the matches?

Little Girl

The oil painting done by the famed Italian painter Raphael for the Sistine Chapel is:

The Sistine Madonna

Of the following, which accessory is part of the Christmas tradition?

Christmas Tree

Which is the pass rate for the country's senior attorney exam?


Can penguins fly?


You came by a "Poinsettia." It is a type of:


What flowers are common in the winter?

Plum Blossoms

The weather forecast says that temperatures will drop drastically today. What should you wear?

Down jacket

Where is Santa Claus from?


The biggest fish in the world is:

Whale shark

Of the following, which accessory is part of the Christmas tradition?

Christmas Tree

Arctic foxes are snow-white during the winter. What color do they turn in the summer?

Dark Brown

What are the interior angles of an equilateral triangle?


Which is lighter? 1 kg of iron and 1 kg of cotton?

The same

From which of the following region can you see auroras?


What color are polar bears?


Can penguins fly?


Basketball originated in the country of:

United States

Who is the Lady of Good Counsel?


What is a common snack to find at a fair?


Where did graffiti originate?

United States of America (USA)

Solar eclipses are related to which celestial body?


What is the precipitation rate of "light rain"?

<2.5 mm per hour

How many fingers does Mickey Mouse have on each hand?


In the movie, Titanic, what's the name of the jewel Rose threw into the ocean?

Heart of the Ocean

Which of the following is considered the foundation of Roman law?

Law of the Twelve Tables

Which constellation does the Vega start belong to?


Which one of the following is credited with the invention of alcoholic beverages in Chinese legend?

Du Kang

Of the following selections, which is not one of the four main elements of street culture?


Is champagne considered a type of wine?


"There may be a great fire in our soul" was written by Van Gogh to which person?

His brother

Which philosopher wrote The Republic?


Which of the following is an equipment DJs commonly use?


According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, what is the highest need of a person?

Self actualization

Which of the following is a predominant figure in classical music?


Which of the following is born in June?

Marius von Hagen

Which is the tallest mountain in the world?

Mount Everest

In which year was the first commercial computer introduced to the world?


Tourists are preparing to upload and share their strwwt dance videos to the bullet text streaming website. What is the name of that website?

Video Snap

A "penalty kick" is a term for which sport?


What is the type of dance that the street dancers are performing?


The Qizi Festival originates from the tale of which characters?

Altair and Vega

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