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Answers on trials in Event "Trials of Themis" in Tears of Themis

Answers on trials in Event "Trials of Themis" in Tears of Themis

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Trial of Athena

About Gods and myths

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What is Apollo's and Artemis' relationship?


Who is Zeus' wife?


What is Poseidon's weapon?


Who had his liver devoured by an eagle?


Who invented the ruler, number, and alphabet?


Who is the god of the sea?


Who is called the god of war?


Eros is whose son?


What did Prometheus give to humanity?


Who drove the sun chariot?


In Greek mythology, who was given the golden apple?


In Greek mythology, who was the first king of the goods?


Which mythological treasure symbolized wealth, adventure, and indomitable will?

Golden Fleece

Who is the goddess of law and justice?


Who is "Mother Earth" referring to?


Who accidentally killed his father and married his mother?


What do people call Aphrodite?

Goddess of Love

Who is the goddess of victory?


What did Jason ride on?


"Vega" belongs to which constellation?


What did Phaethon request as a gift from his father, Helios?

Sun chariot

Which nymph turned into a laurel tree?


Who is the goddess of the hearth?


In the legends, what started the Trojan War?

Apple of Discord

In this story's beginning, who spewed black smoke and tainted the gods?


Athena was known as the goddess of wisdom and what else?

Goddess of war

What is Artemis' mythical beast?


Who was the snake-haired woman with a petrifying gaze?


Who rescued Prometheus?


Who is the Greek goddess of the Moon?


What is Cerberus also known as?

3-Headed Hell Hound

Athena is usually depicted as wielding which weapon?


Who did Hera turn into a cow and try to kill?


What instrument does Apollo play?


Who is the goddess of discord in Greek mythology?


Which woman's beauty caused the Trojan war?


Who is known as the "King of the Gods"?


Who invented the ruler, numbers, and letters?


What was the earliest written piece of Greek literature?

Homer's epic

Who is the goddess of discord in Greek mythology?



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What color is situated at the top of a rainbow?


What exactly is "moonlight"?

Reflected sunlight

What causes tidal phenomena?


Cacti use which of their parts for photosynthesis?


When camping outside, which location is not suitable as a campsite?

Under a cliff

Why do mosquitoes suck blood?

To lay eggs

What is bamboo classified as?


During a total solar eclipse, what is blocking the sun?


Where are a cricket's "ears" located?


Which plants store water in their fruits and terms?

Palms and cacti

What can cause sleeping children to grind their teeth?

Gut parasite

What do most people call you during your journey?


Which is not a sign of imminent thunder and lightning?

Knee aches


2 ~ Coast of Naxos

You have arrived at the coast of Naxos at sunrise.

The sun goes beyond the limits of the coastline, and its golden rays shine upon the grand temple at the highest point of the central city.

"Is that it?"

You squint a little for a better look, feeling excited.


"Before that..."

Your gaze falls to the crumpling castle nearby. You can't help but sigh.

You can see a few injured travelers coming toward you from the end of the forest, physically supporting each other.

They slow down their pace and speak to you in a sincere tone.

"Young one, don't continue forward. A defected Spartan Warrior occupies the castle. He won't let you pass even if you give then all your gold."

"Huh… Looks like it's a Spartan Warrior in the castle this time..."

You do little warm-up exercises, ready to go.


That voice sounds in your ear again.

"Forward, brave warrior!"

"Rip through the darkness and let the light of Zeus shine upon this land once again!"

3 ~ Naxos City

Without text

4 ~ Amorgos Island

Blue skies, Jade oceans. A new adventure awaits.

"Welcome to Amorgos Island. No one will come looking for you here."

You stretch your fatigued body as your eyes look to the clouds in the sky.

At the horizon near the edge of the island, you see a white temple high up on the cliffs.

5 ~ ???

Coming soon

Thank you for reading «Answers on trials in Event "Trials of Themis" in Tears of Themis» on my website.

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