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Walkthrough Be My Princess PARTY: Prologue

Walkthrough Be My Princess PARTY: Prologue

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Prologue, Be My Princess PARTY(full walkthrough)

Part 1: My First Job... A Royal Ball?!

[1] Allow him to show you around (Keith, Roberto)
[2] Politely decline (Wilfred, Joshua, Edward, Glenn)

[1] Don't I know you from... (Keith, Roberto)
[2] That crest on your jacket... (Wilfred, Joshua, Edward, Glenn)

Mission:  Black Ribbon Headband (Charm +10) - 500 Cruz
CG (new Photo)

Part 2: A Miracle for Me?!

[1] Your gown is beautiful. (Wilfred, Joshua, Edward, Glenn, Roberto)
[2] It's nothing... (Keith)

[1] Red wine (Wilfred, Joshua)
[2] White wine (Keith, Edward, Glenn, Roberto)

Mission: 100 Royal Factor

Part 3: Sneaking Out from the Party

[1] Go after Prince Glenn (Keith, Joshua, Edward, Glenn)
[2] Stay with Prince Roberto (Wilfred, Roberto)

[1] Thank you very much (Keith, Joshua, Edward, Glenn, Roberto)
[2] I'll be fine on my own (Wilfred)

Part 4: An Unexpected Visitor

[1] Thank you again for before (Wilfred)
[2] Why did you come back? (Keith, Joshua, Edward, Glenn, Roberto)

[1] Agree with Monsieur Pierre (Keith, Joshua, Edward, Glenn, Roberto)
[2] Give your honest opinion (Wilfred)

Mission:  Brown Bag & Scarf (Charm +10) - 1000 Cruz

Sweet Route: The Opportunity has Arrived

[1] A spread about Joshua (Wilfred, Joshua, Edward)
[2] A spread about Glenn (Keith, Glenn, Roberto)

[1] I have been a bit stressed... (Keith, Joshua, Edward, Glenn, Roberto)
[2]: I'm really fine (Wilfred)

CG (new Photo)

Part 5: The Pure White Envelope

[1] Why are you here, Prince Joshua? (Wilfred, Joshua, Edward, Glenn)
[2] I'm afraid this area is for staff only... (Keith, Roberto)

[1] Continue listening to them (Keith)
[2] Leave the conversation (Wilfred, Joshua, Edward, Glenn, Roberto)


Thank you for reading «Walkthrough Be My Princess PARTY: Prologue» on my website.

I hope you enjoyed this story and am grateful for your support ^_~

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