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Be My Princess: PARTY

Be My Princess: PARTY

Original title:  Ouji-sama no Propose
Type: Complete
Released: 14.11.2014
Age rating: 13+
Developer & Publisher: Voltage Inc.

You have just started your new job at one of the world's top designers, taking the first step toward your dreams. But, something you never thought possible...let alone for a brand-new designer, comes your way:

A mysterious envelope with a single message - "I want you to become my private designer".

Not only that, but the author is none other than one of the world's most powerful princes! Thus, you begin your new life at the castle as a Royal Designer. As your life goes on, you start to notice the prince...even though you know that love between princes and commoners rarely works out... But, as you overcome more obstacles and have new experiences together, your star-crossed romance becomes more and more real...


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