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Walkthrough Chocolate Temptation: Jin Aoi

Walkthrough Chocolate Temptation: Jin Aoi

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Other Jin's Story: Season 2


[ Chapter 1: The perfect chocolatier?! ]


[ Chapter 2: The huge mistake ]

Look away.

[ Chapter 3: The rulebook ]

Ask Ibuki for help.

[ Chapter 4: Supplementary lessons with him ]

Explain frankly.

[ Chapter 5: The big selection ]

All right.

[ Chapter 6: The meaning of life ]


[ Chapter 7: Casual tenderness ]

Eat out.

[ Chapter 8: First date ]

Say you want to hear about his past.

[ Chapter 9: The chocolates hurt in the impact ]

I'm worried.

[ Chapter 10: In the rain ]

Are you sure you didn't get sick?

[ Chapter 11: I want to help ]

I want you to make delicious chocolate.

[ Chapter 12: Foot aches and heartaches ]

I wanted to be of help.

[ Chapter 13: Tastier chocolate ]

I wanted to thank you.

[ Chapter 14: The sender of the letter ]

It was so tasty, I couldn't help it.

[ Chapter 15: Feelings for L'écrin ]

I'll come right back.

[ Chapter 16: The absent owner ]

I can't, he's busy.

[ Chapter 17: Feelings that can't be hidden ]

Shut my eyes.

[ Chapter 18: Jealousy ]

Talk about the competition.

[ Chapter 19: His embrace ]

What did you come to do?

[ Chapter 20: Our distance ]

Fine with me.

[ Chapter 21: An irreplaceable existence ]

Speak frankly.

[ Chapter 22: A small worry ]

Are you uneasy?

[ Chapter 23: The present ]

Is that really alright?

[ Chapter 24: His ex-girlfriend's smile ]

Look at Jin.

[ Chapter 25: The promise ]

I'm glad you changed, Jin.

[ Chapter 26: A wonderful surprise ]

I feel the same.

Happy end

[ Happy Chapter 27: The results of the contest ]


[ Happy Chapter 28: Jin's chocolates of happiness ]


Super happy end

[ Super Happy Chapter 13: Signs of change ]

He just brought me chocolate.

[ Super Happy Chapter 14: The three-legged race ]

I'll try harder.

[ Super Happy Chapter 15: Body pillow ]

So, you're not actually interested in me.

[ Super Happy Chapter 16: The unexpected incident ]

I'll help more positively.

[ Super Happy Chapter 17: Intense jealousy ]

Is this about Mitsuki?

[ Super Happy Chapter 18: Transformation ]

It makes me happy.

[ Super Happy Chapter 19: Vous et moi ]

I'm fine.

[ Super Happy Chapter 20: Motorcycle date ]

Grab his waist.

[ Super Happy Chapter 21: Jin's secret ]

What precious memories.

[ Super Happy Chapter 22: Complicated feelings ]

May it be the judge's favorite.

[ Super Happy Chapter 23: Confession ]

I'm just so happy.

[ Super Happy Chapter 24: They decided to make a second volume?! ]

You're really smart.

[ Super Happy Chapter 25: Love and a kiss ]

About Jin Aoi

"Starting today, you belong to me." - Jin Aoi, Chocolate Temptation (full walkthrough)

If you enjoy romances in which you both mature together... The cool and stoic second brother of the Aoi family.

Thank you for reading «Walkthrough Chocolate Temptation: Jin Aoi» on my website.

I hope you enjoyed this story and am grateful for your support ^_~

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