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Walkthrough Chocolate Temptation: Ibuki Aoi

Walkthrough Chocolate Temptation: Ibuki Aoi

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Chapter 1: The Leader of L'ecrin

CG (new Photo)

[1] They have good teamwork.
[2] They all have their strong points.
[3] I'm not quite sure yet.

Chapter 2: Ibuki's Kindness

[1] Apologize
[2] Emphasize how delicious the dish is.
[3] Call someone over.

Chapter 3: A Surprise

[1] Be happy.
[2] Be humble.
[3] Be grateful.

Chapter 4: A Crash Course on Chocolate

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[1] Explain that it's for a limited time only.
[2] Follow Ibuki's lead.
[3] Make something up.

Chapter 5: Helping with negotiations

[1] Please let me go with you.
[2] It's not that I don't want to.
[3] I want to learn about what you do.

Chapter 6: Ibuki's Past

[1] I can walk on my own.
[2] Do as he says.
[3] I'm not sure what to do.

Chapter 7: A Visit to the Editing Department

[1] Accept my feelings.
[2] Stay quiet.
[3] Deny it.

Chapter 8: My First Errand

[1] Run like mad.
[2] Ask someone for directions.
[3] Contact Ibuki.

Chapter 9: The Chocolates of Happiness

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[1] Be happy.
[2] Be embarrassed.
[3] Object.

Chapter 10: So Close Yet So Far

[1] We're okay now.
[2] I don't know.
[3] Nope.

Chapter 11: The wedding project

[1] I really want to get married.
[2] I can't imagine it yet.
[3] I'm looking forward to it.

Chapter 12: Shocking Words and His Sense of Responsibility

[1] Be humble.
[2] Be honestly happy.
[3] Say a joke.

Chapter 13: Pre-Marriage

[1] I was thinking about work.
[2] Seeing this moves me.
[3] Don't worry about it.

Chapter 14: They're Dating?!

[1] Clear up this misunderstanding
[2] Runaway.
[3] Support Ibuki.

Chapter 15: My Savior

[1] I'll let you decide.
[2] A sweet cocktail, please.
[3] Just a beer for now.

CG (new Photo)

Chapter 16: Relaxing the Heart

[1] Dodge the question.
[2] Say that he's someone I respect.
[3] Say that he's someone I depend on.

Chapter 17: A Secret Date

[1] Change the subject.
[2] Say you'll wait for him however long it takes.
[3] Stay silent.

Chapter 18: Our Crisis

[1] I'm worried.
[2] I hope it all turns out okay.
[3] I want to help.

Chapter 19: Running Away

[1] I don't want to be a hindrance in this work.
[2] I made up my mind.
[3] It's because I love Ibuki.

Chapter 20: The Reason He Cannot Fall in Love

[1] Apologize.
[2] Stroke his hair.
[3] Kiss his forehead.

Chapter 21: What I Learned While We Were Apart

[1] I want you to get some rest.
[2] I'm worried about how preparations for tomorrow are going, so I want to go check on them.
[3] I want to work with your brothers.

Chapter 22: A Happy Wedding

[1] Don't say anything.
[2] Admit it.
[3] Deny it.

CG (new Photo)

Happy end

Chapter 23 ~Happy~: In a Dream


Chapter 24 ~Happy~: My Happy Place


Super Happy End

Super Happy Chapter 13: Time alone together

[1] Are you sure?
[2] I'm sorry, I know you must be busy.
[3] I couldn't...

Super Happy Chapter 14: A sleepless night...

[1] No
[2] Yes
[3] Sorry...

Super Happy Chapter 15: His true feelings

[1] Change the subject.
[2] Say you'll wait for him however long it takes.
[3] Stay silent.

Super Happy Chapter 16: The time limit

[1] Ask him.
[2] Stay quiet.
[3] Say thank you again.

Super Happy Chapter 17: A rival in love?

[1] I wish everyone could have gone with us.
[2] We have work to do.
[3] I'm looking forward to it.

Super Happy Chapter 18: Feelings of jealousy

[1] We're just coworkers.
[2] We're good friends.
[3] He's someone I care about.

Super Happy Chapter 19: Misunderstandings and his true feelings

ch. 1:

[1] I want to go.
[2] I want to take a rest for a bit.
[3] Let's go back to the restaurant.

ch. 2:

[1] I love you too.
[2] Can I believe you?
[3] Don't say anything.

Super Happy Chapter 20: Confession

[1] Tell him you love him very much.
[2] Quietly snuggle with him.
[3] Blush and look away.

Super Happy Chapter 21: Endless waltz

About Ibuki Aoi

"It's okay. I'll lead." - Ibuki Aoi, Chocolate Temptation (full walkthrough)

If you enjoy following someone else's lead in a romance... The stylish and mature eldest brother of the Aoi family.

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