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Walkthrough Chocolate Temptation: Mitsuki Aoi

Walkthrough Chocolate Temptation: Mitsuki Aoi

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[ Chapter 1: The silent chocolatier ]

I'm sorry!

[ Chapter 2: Couverture chocolate ]

I'm here to support you.

[ Chapter 3: Hospitalization ]

I wanted to come.

[ Chapter 4: Talking about Cocoa Beans ]


[ Chapter 5: A present of flowers ]

..I'm a bit sad to hear it.

[ Chapter 6: Leaving the hospital ]

You can take the rest to your room.

[ Chapter 7: Clumsy kindness ]

Because you weren't your usual self.

[ Chapter 8: The first step ]

Why not give it a try?

[ Chapter 9: The difference between him and his brothers ]

(I'll give my honest opinion.. )

[ Chapter 10: Our first time alone together ]

It's hard to talk when you're so far away.

[ Chapter 11: Younger than me ]

I still haven't told you what it is though.

[ Chapter 12: Our first date ]

You look cool.

[ Chapter 13: Since I'm older ]

Why are you saying that?

[ Chapter 14: After our fight ]

...Thank you.

[ Chapter 15: At the art museum ]

(Hold onto his sleeve.)

[ Chapter 16: The chocolate maker ]

You remember.

[ Chapter 17: The chocolate of Happiness ]

(I'll quietly hold his hand too.)

[ Chapter 18: Mitsuki and Ibuki ]

Are you worried about me?

[ Chapter 19: Competing on TV?! ]


[ Chapter 20: The time limit ]

You're walking at a leisurely pace.

[ Chapter 21: The night before the competition ]

What kind of flower?

[ Chapter 22: His reason for making chocolate ]

Why did you step away?

[ Chapter 23: A gentle kiss ]

Did you want to do more?

[ Chapter 24: The day of the competition ]

Since I love Mitsuki.

[ Chapter 25: Chocolate flowers ]

I'm sorry!

[ Chapter 26: The ingredients of the pièce montée ]


Happy end

[ Happy Chapter 27: What I have wanted to tell you ]


[ Happy Chapter 28: My younger boyfriend ]


Super Happy end

[ Super Happy Chapter 11: Suddenly alone ]

Good morning.

[ Super Happy Chapter 12: An unexpected kiss ]

..Did you not like it?

[ Super Happy Chapter 13: The night of the blackout ]

What's your type? 

[ Super Happy Chapter 14: A sweet aroma ]

..Did you see how I look when I sleep?

[ Super Happy Chapter 15: Trouble ]

Yeah, thanks to you.

[ Super Happy Chapter 16: Wavering emotions ]

I'm pretty sure I don't...

[ Super Happy Chapter 17: Our second... ]

I had no idea...

[ Super Happy Chapter 18: If we make it together ]

I feel the same way.

[ Super Happy Chapter 19: How I can become a princess ]

I feel the same way.

[ Super Happy Chapter 20: Chocolates that make people fall in love ]

Are supporting us.

[ Super Happy Chapter 21: My favorite scent ]

About Mitsuki Aoi

"I... don't want to lose you." - Mitsuki Aoi, Chocolate Temptation (full walkthrough)

If you enjoy romances in which you help your boyfriend grow... The innocent third brother of the Aoi family.

Thank you for reading «Walkthrough Chocolate Temptation: Mitsuki Aoi» on my website.

I hope you enjoyed this story and am grateful for your support ^_~

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