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Walkthrough Feral Boyfriend: Keisuke Udo ~ BL

Walkthrough Feral Boyfriend: Keisuke Udo ~ BL

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Chapter 1

(ch. 5)

[1] Think about what he said
[2] Apologize
[3] Check with him what he meant (Affection has gone up)

(ch. 10)

[1] That's it?
[2] Aren't you angry? (Affection has gone up)
[3] Do you feel sorry now?

Chapter 2

(ch. 3)

[1] Let's just pretend I didn't tell you that.
[2] Is this something bad? (Affection has gone up)
[3] Are you happy about it?

(ch. 9)

[1] Stand and watch
[2] Nod (Affection has gone up)
[3] Support him.

Chapter 3

(ch. 4)

[1] Do it after class
[2] Lessons are more important (Affection has gone up)
[3] I don't care about that (Affection has gone up)

(ch. 8)

[1] Refuse (Affection has gone up)
[2] You're not supposed to be sleeping
[3] Let's study (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 4

(ch. 5)

[1] Because I'm looking for him.
[2] I have something important to tell him.
[3] It's important. (Affection has gone up)

(ch. 8)

[1] Don't come here! (Affection has gone up)
[2] Can't you walk more normally?
[3] Just hurry up and change your clothes.

Chapter 5

(ch. 5)

[1] What part of me? (Affection has gone up)
[2] Should I be thankful?
[3] But I'm a guy.

(ch. 9)

[1] Are you being serious? (Affection has gone up)
[2] I don't know about this...
[3] Oh, I see...

Chapter 6

(ch. 4)

[1] I don't hate it (Affection has gone up)
[2] I've given up
[3] I'm just used to it

(ch. 10)

[1] Because he's a good guy (Affection has gone up)
[2] I feel like he cares too much sometimes
[3] Because it's fun

Chapter 7

(ch. 3)

[1] She's your fiancé, right?
[2] Answer me seriously (Affection has gone up)
[3] Keep quiet (Affection has gone up)

(ch. 6)

[1] Violence is not the answer! (Affection has gone up)
[2] Let's not talk about jealousy any more
[3] Let's change the topic

Chapter 8

(ch. 4)

[1] I'm going to go back first
[2] Let's think about it together (Affection has gone up)
[3] I'll start to hate you, you know

(ch. 10)

[1] I need to study
[2] I'm ticklish (Affection has gone up)
[3] Are you really interested?

Chapter 9

(ch. 5)

[1] I couldn't sleep (Affection has gone up)
[2] It's as usual
[3] I wanted to study

(ch. 10)

[1] I was so worried... (Affection has gone up)
[2] Don't skip class
[3] Say it earlier if you were here...

Chapter 10

(ch. 5)

[1] Who still does that these days?
[2] That's so wrong (Affection has gone up)
[3] You should stop him

(ch. 9)

[1] Do you get it? (Affection has gone up)
[2] You're in the way
[3] Moving on (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 11

(ch. 2)

[1] Don't be amused about this (Affection has gone up)
[2] It's because you spend your days like that
[3] So you have no experience too

(ch. 10)

[1] Let's get something cold on it
[2] That's horrible.. (Affection has gone up)
[3] Don't laugh at something like this

Chapter 12

(ch. 3)

[1] Let's go on something exciting
[2] How about the haunted house (Affection has gone up)
[3] The spinning cups

(ch. 10)

[1] I'll be lonely (Affection has gone up)
[2] I'm actually kind of happy
[3] It can't be helped

Chapter 13

(ch. 5)

[1] I'm happy
[2] Are you feeling lonely? (Affection has gone up)
[3] When do you think you'll be able to say it?

(ch. 7)

[1] I believe you (Affection has gone up)
[2] It's something you want to do
[3] I don't need you to tell me

Chapter 14

(ch. 5)

[1] Your instincts are amazing
[2] You were really cool (Affection has gone up)
[3] What did you say to get out of class?


About Keisuke Udo

Deceiving & Seductive & Rabbit Keisuke Udo, Feral Boyfriend (full walkthrough)

High School Senior.

Calm and agreeable, but also a very flirty playboy.

Thank you for reading «Walkthrough Feral Boyfriend: Keisuke Udo ~ BL» on my website.

I hope you enjoyed this story and am grateful for your support ^_~

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