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Fenn LuxureCourt of Darkness. The Devious Libertine

Fenn Luxure

Fenn Luxure's BirthdayApril 23

About Fenn Luxure

Court of Darkness. The Devious Libertine Fenn Luxure

Prince of Luxure.
Middle name: Barnard
Height: 5'11'' (180 cm)
Weight: 148 lbs (67 kg)
Personality: seductive, capricious, pushy
Indulgence: white sangria
Pastime: discovering new turn-ons

Favorite Place: banks of the spring
Favorite Food: white sangria
Favorite Item: his cane

Voice: Yuki Ono


"You mustn't believe a word I say." - Fenn Luxure

Book 1

This sly, enticing prince is a master of seduction. People of all genders and ages succumb to his wiles, but none have ever truly touched his heart.

Will you be the one to see the man that hides behind a veil of sin?

Book 2

A loyal paramous, you and Fenn trust in one another.

However, a fight over the Luxurean line of succession soon drags your love into the fray.

To protect the one he cares for most, Fenn will have to make a decision.


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What happens when Fenns beauty mark is pressed???


S7: Fenn often has drinking contests with Lance

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