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Guy AvariCourt of Darkness. The Haughty Aristocrat

Guy Avari

Guy Avari's BirthdayNovember 8

About Guy Avari

Court of Darkness. The Haughty Aristocrat Guy Avari

Prince of Avari.
Middle name: Drakon
Height: 6'0'' (182 cm)
Weight: 157 lbs (71 kg)
Personality: ruthless, ambitious
Indulgence: red coffee (a red beverage produced in the magical realm)
Pastime: playing strategy games with his valet

Favorite Place: Dragon's den
Favorite Food: red coffee from Avari
Favorite Item: Gold bookmark

Voice: Toshiyuki Someya


Processed of a forbidding aura and a prodigious talent for magic, every eye in the magical realm of Saligia is on him. His ambition is to rule from on high, and to achieve this he has turned the cold fire in his eyes on you...

"Give me all that you are." - Guy Avari


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