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Lynt AkediaCourt of Darkness. The Somnolent Darling

Lynt Akedia

Lynt Akedia's BirthdayJune 23

About Lynt Akedia

Court of Darkness. The Somnolent Darling Lynt Akedia

Prince of Akedia.
Middle name: Van
Height: 5' 11'' (180 cm)
Weight: 143 lbs (65 kg)
Personality: taciturn, sleepy
Indulgence: anything easy to ingest, as he can't be bothered to eat.
Pastime: sleeping, relaxing

Favorite Place: library nook
Favorite Food: bread
Favorite Item: his warm cloak

Voice: Kensho Ono


Forever sleepy and loath to put forth an effort, his considerable magical power has put his kingdom's expectations squarely on his shoulders. You may be the source of inspiration he has been looking for...

"You make an excellent pillow" - Lynt Akedia


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S6: One of Lynt's napping spots is the library nook.

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