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Roy InvidiaCourt of Darkness. The Consummate Prince

Roy Invidia

Roy Invidia's BirthdayMarch 20

About Roy Invidia

Court of Darkness. The Consummate Prince Roy Invidia

Prince of Invidia.
Middle name: Bruno
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 154 lbs
Personality: kind, princely, sincere
Indulgence: tea
Pastime: brewing tea, horseback riding

Favorite Place: The rooftop garden
Favorite Food: Tea and scones
Favorite Item: Teacups

Voice: Motohiro Ota


Gracious and mild-mannered, his beloved by all; the portrait of a perfect prince. However, as you grow close to him, you uncover his hidden motives. What secrets lurk behind his winning smile?

"Will you not allow me to be your prince?" - Roy Invidia


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