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Dirty Crown Scandal // BL

Dirty Crown Scandal // BL

Developer: LucyDream
Release date:  2023


"Didn't I tell you to bite it properly?"

A man's hand grabbed Matias' hair laid somewhere near the man's knee, and the veins on the man's hand started to bulge.

"You can't even do this properly, and you expect to survive here, huh?"

A single incident that turned Matias' ordinary daily life upside down, can he really return to the peaceful days he once had in the royal palace?

About the game

A spicy BL otome game presented by Storytaco, Dirty Crown Scandal: Romance Fantasy BL Otome is an interactive choice game in the Western-style royal romance fantasy BL genre.

Write your own BL story in Dirty Crown Scandal!

(Caution) Your character's fate changes with your choices at every moment.

Game's story

"You are the Emperor's only son."

Matias, who was living an ordinary but happy life, suddenly enters the palace due to his status as a prince...

"As long as you're here, you're fated to be devoured."

After arriving at the palace, as if someone was leading him, Matias realizes that the palace is not just a beautiful place.

Chilling eyes and shadows welcome him.

But it's already too late to escape!

The eerie and secretive story with those men has already begun.

Character list


#CrownPrince #TsunderePrince #Handsome

"I thought I warned you enough. As long as you're here, you're fated to be devoured."


#GrandDukeoftheNorth #HugePuppy #WoundedSoul #Charming

"...Would it be okay if I make a demanding request?"

"Nothing will change. I'll just do what's been given to me."


#Alchemist #Talented #Handsome

"Why? I want to examine your body closely~"

"Then let me show you something even better. It's secret between you and me~"


#Noble #Witty #Charming

"I think there's nothing better than intense physical contact to open someone's heart."

"I was curious, you know? How much effort it would take for you to catch my eye."

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