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Luna Sonata

Luna Sonata

Title: Luna Sonata
Developer: LucyDream x Wonyframe
Release date:  14.04.2022



On a same old day, same old job as a Hunter, I've been attacked by a vampire! As my peaceful life was falling apart, I come across an opportunity of a lifetime. What kind of life will I live?

Pleasure, freedom, peace, pride, and love; What is it do I really want?

Your future lies upon the choices you make!

Character list


Luna Sonata | CapiOra

Identity: Vampire
Birthday: 10/31
Likes: Wine

"Why so confused? In the end, you’re gonna pick me anyway."


Luna Sonata | CapiOra

Identity: Werewolf
Birthday: 12/23
Likes: Meat

"I will go anywhere if it’s with you"


Luna Sonata | CapiOra

Identity: Hunter
Birthday: 04/04
Likes: Reading

"Stay behind me. I will protect you at all costs"


Luna Sonata | CapiOra

Identity: Doctor
Birthday: 07/14
Likes: Research

"It’s okay. Close your eyes. I will make you comfortable"

Who will love it?

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Kindly can you inform me if there is any mod or hack to get free gems or unlimited gems.Much appreciated


I' message u if I found some easy way. It's really hard to watch so many AD every day to reach a little Gems T_T

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