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Love on the Edge was released!

Love on the Edge was released!

Today "Love on the Edge" has finally been released!


Orphaned at a young age, you were lucky enough to be taken in by the Faruta crime family and trained in the ways of assassination. But when your compassionate nature stops you from fulfilling your role, you’re suddenly no more than a liability to be traded away… ⁠⁠

Your bleak future seems all but guaranteed when the Tanaka family steps in to make you one of their own. Soon, it becomes clear that this is no ordinary mafia organization hell-bent on domination at all costs, but a group with an entrenched moral code and a clear vision for a peaceful future.⁠⁠

Can you help them restore order to the chaotic criminal underworld, or will you once again find yourself falling short?⁠


More information about the game.

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