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My Ninja Destiny was released!

My Ninja Destiny was released!

Today "My Ninja Destiny" has finally been released!


After receiving an invitation from your estranged father, you find yourself returning to your childhood home in the mountains. There you uncover the secrets of your past and learn you are the daughter of the once-great Tokugawa, who has recently passed, leaving you to take over as ruler of the three hidden ninja villages. Becoming a ninja princess won't be easy, however, as it requires you to marry one of the greatest ninja of all time, along with mastering the secret ninjutsu techniques written in your late father's diary.

These ninja are fierce competitors and will do whatever it takes to get your father's diary, even if it means marrying you. But all plans are cut short when their villages are ambushed by Banished ninja, forcing them to work together to save everyone… Will you fight alongside these legendary ninja to protect their villages as passion arises in the heat of battle?


More information about the game.

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