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The Spellbinding Kiss Season 3 was released!

The Spellbinding Kiss Season 3 was released!

The Spellbinding Kiss Season 3 has finally been released!


Season 1

Life running the pharmacy passed down by your father was uneventful until a wounded man showed up at your door one stormy night. He disappeared into a bolt of lightning along with another man that seemed to know your father… The next day, you find a letter of acceptance to a school for users of magic! ⁠⁠

Although nervous, you decide to enroll in the magic academy. Awaiting you are three handsome men, each with their own unique skillsets and personalities. ⁠

Season 2

Just when you thought you were going to finally be able to enjoy a brand new school year, things start to get complicated with skirmishes starting between people at school. And when rumors of your doppelganger start making their way around the campus, you know you're in for another wild ride with your 3 favorite magical classmates!

Season 3

You must cooperate with three of the most talented wizards in the academy to save a friend’s life… Along the way, you realize just how important your friends are to you. However, dark forces that have stolen into the world of magic are almost upon you… Will you be able to solve the mysteries and make it out alive?


More information about the game.

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