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Walkthrough Blood in Roses+: Alfred

Walkthrough Blood in Roses+: Alfred

Thank you for reading «Walkthrough Blood in Roses+: Alfred» on my website. Hope you enjoy this story!

I Remind: 


Chapter 1

[1] Turn my face away. (Sunlight +5)
[2] Step on his foot. (Moonbeam +5)

[1] I'll slay you with that knife if you come any closer to me! (Moonbeam +5)
[2] Anyways, why are you wearing a ribbon? (Sunlight +5)

Chapter 2

Love Challenge:
 - Golden Boston Bag (Charm +5) - 500 Tokens

[1] Tell him more about cats. (Moonbeam +5)
[2] Tease him by telling a lie. (Sunlight +5)

[1] What was Harold like? (Sunlight +5)
[2] Do I look like her? (Moonbeam +5)

Chapter 3

[1] The bed. (Moonbeam +5)
[2] The bathroom. (Sunlight +5)

Love Challenge
 - [Room] Alfred's Room (Charm +100) - 500 Coins + CG
 - [Garden] Dungeon (Charm +70) - 1000 Tokens

[1] He is better than you. (Sunlight +5)
[2] He doesn't do anything as you do. (Moonbeam +5)

Chapter 4

[1] Mind Rupert. (Sunlight +5)
[2] Put your hand on top of his. (Moonbeam +5)

[1] I love Alfred. (Moonbeam +5)
[2] I love you, Rupert. (Sunlight +5)

Chapter 5

[1] Pour tea to complete my job. (Moonbeam +5)
[2] Turn around to leave. (Sunlight +5)

Love Challenge
 - Red Rose Earrings (Charm +110) - 750 Coins + CG
 - Marine Blue Earrings (Charm +80) - 5000 Tokens

[1] Ask for a kiss. (Sunlight +5)
[2] Kiss him. (Moonbeam +5)

Chapter 6

[1] The kitchen. (Moonbeam +5)
[2] The manager's office. (Sunlight +5)

[1] Pretend that I'm okay. (Sunlight +5)
[2] Tell him that I want him with me. (Moonbeam +5)

Chapter 7

[1] Tell him that he can kiss me. (Sunlight +5)
[2] Kiss him. (Moonbeam +5)

[1] I know what you like. (Moonbeam +5)
[2] Do you know what I like as well? (Sunlight +5)

Chapter 8

[1] Answer that I won't lose to her. (Moonbeam +5)
[2] Answer that I do. (Sunlight +5)

[1] Look at Alfred. (Sunlight +5)
[2] Tell him that I can't say it. (Moonbeam +5)

Chapter 9

[1] Persuade Rupert. (Sunlight +5)
[2] Watch their duel quietly. (Moonbeam +5)

Love Challenge
 - [Garden] Red Rose Petals (Charm +120) - 900 Coins + CG
 - Rose Brooch (Charm +90) - 10000 Tokens

[1] Hold Alfred's hand (Moonbeam +5)
[2] Ask Alfred to hold my hand. (Sunlight +5)

Chapter 10

[1] Ram myself against Jack. (Moonbeam +5)
[2] Let Alfred know. (Sunlight +5)

[1] You’ll never understand (Sunlight +5)
[2] I want him to stay alive and be happy (Moonbeam +5)


Serenade Ending

CG (new Photo)

[Items] Story Ticket×5, Cake×2, Bergamot Toilette×1, Dresser×3,  Item

Toccata Ending

CG (new Photo)

[Items] Story Ticket×5, Cake×2, Bergamot Toilette×1, Dresser×3, Item

About Alfred

«What you like is me. Am I wrong?» - Alfred, Blood in Roses+ (full walkthrough)

Spade tells"He is a young vampire and a descendant of Harold, the father of vampires.

I heard he used to be a kind man at heart, even if he is highly oppressive to humans like you.

But I think you can find out who he really is."

Thank you for reading «Walkthrough Blood in Roses+: Alfred» on my website.

I hope you enjoyed this story and am grateful for your support ^_~

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