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Walkthrough Blood in Roses+: Gerard

Walkthrough Blood in Roses+: Gerard

Thank you for reading «Walkthrough Blood in Roses+: Gerard» on my website. Hope you enjoy this story!

I Remind: 


Chapter 1

[1] Glare back at him. (Sunlight +5)
[2] Shake off his hand. (Moonbeam +5)

[1] I can protect myself. (Moonbeam +5)
[2] How reliable. (Sunlight +5)

Chapter 2

[1] Thanks. (Moonbeam +5)
[2] I didn't need your help. (Sunlight +5)

Love Challenge:
 - Dragon Beauty's Face Veil (Charm: +5) - 1000 Tokens

[1] You're quite a gentleman. (Sunlight +5)
[2] Gerard, how about you try this sometimes? (Moonbeam +5)

Chapter 3

[1] Ignore them. (Sunlight +5)
[2] Ask for details. (Moonbeam +5)

Love Challenge
 - Front Long Back Braid Bun (Charm: +100) - 500 Coins + CG
 - Jeweled Hair Clip (Charm +70) - 6000 Tokens

[1] Where are we? (Sunlight +5)
[2] I'm glad you're okay. (Moonbeam +5)

Chapter 4

[1] What are you saying all of a sudden? (Moonbeam +5)
[2] I suppose there wouldn't be a problem. (Sunlight +5)

[1] Try petting the dragon. (Moonbeam +5)
[2] Step away from the dragon. (Sunlight +5)

Chapter 5

[1] Cecil must be a lenient master. (Sunlight +5)
[2] Cecil must really trust you. (Moonbeam +5)

[1] Tell him about the vision. (Moonbeam +5)
[2] Make up a story. (Sunlight +5)

Love Challenge
 - [Garden] Cat in Gerard's Jacket (Charm: +100) - 750 Coins + CG
 - Dragon Beauty Long Boots (Charm +70) - 8500 Tokens

Chapter 6

[1] Ask Gerard to get it. (Moonbeam +5)
[2] Try reaching for it. (Sunlight +5)

[1] Have Cecil feed you. (Sunlight +5)
[2] Take the fork. (Moonbeam +5)

Chapter 7

[1] Trust Gerard and stay still. (Moonbeam +5)
[2] Go help Gerard. (Sunlight +5)

[1] Maybe next time. (Moonbeam +5)
[2] Will you teach me? (Sunlight +5)

Chapter 8

[1] Kiss Gerard's cheek. (Sunlight +5)
[2] Kiss Gerard's lips. (Moonbeam +5)

[1] Rush over to Gerard. (Moonbeam +5)
[2] Be wary of the man in the hood. (Sunlight +5)

Chapter 9

[1] Cecil, run! (Sunlight +5)
[2] Gerard, stop! (Moonbeam +5)

[1] It's not that I'm mad. (Moonbeam +5)
[2] A little. (Sunlight +5)

Love Challenge
 - Dragon Beauty Seductive Dress (Charm: +100) - 900 Coins + CG
 - Gerard's Room (Daytime) (Charm +80) - 12000 Tokens

Chapter 10

[1] I'll never be part of your group (Moonbeam +5)
[2] Give me some time to think. (Sunlight +5)

[1] Get out of bed. (Sunlight +5)
[2] Kiss Gerard. (Moonbeam +5)


Serenade Ending

CG (new Photo)

[Items] Story Ticket×5, Cake×2, Bergamot Toilette×1, Dresser×3,  Item

Toccata Ending

CG (new Photo)

[Items] Story Ticket×5, Cake×2, Bergamot Toilette×1, Dresser×3, Item

About Gerard

«I never thought I'd fall in love with a human.» - Gerard, Blood in Roses+ (full walkthrough)

Cecil tells"Gerard is my dragonewt servant. Well, that may not be the right term to describe our relationship because we work for each other (kind of).

He may sound harsh but is genuine that knows how to take care of everyone.

You might find him interesting."

Thank you for reading «Walkthrough Blood in Roses+: Gerard» on my website.

I hope you enjoyed this story and am grateful for your support ^_~

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