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Walkthrough Blood in Roses+: Rogan

Walkthrough Blood in Roses+: Rogan

Thank you for reading «Walkthrough Blood in Roses+: Rogan» on my website. Hope you enjoy this story!

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Chapter 1

[1] You can't be...a demon? (Sunlight +5)
[2] Well, yes... (Moonbean +5)

[1] I'll show you that I can work fine here. (Sunlight +5)
[2] I'm not going to lose to you. (Moonbean +5)

Chapter 2

[1] I'm better at it than the sword. (Sunlight +5)
[2] Do you want to try being my target? (Moonbean +5)

CG (new Photo)

Love Challenge:
 - Heart-Shaped Bag with Roses (Charm: +5) - 50 Coins or 600 Tokens

[1] Thank you. (Moonbean +5)
[2] I'm sorry. (Sunlight +5)

Chapter 3

[1] I won't cause you trouble. (Sunlight +5)
[2] Don't underestimate me. (Moonbean +5)

[1] Yeah...? (Moonbean +5)
[2] You know Tatiana? (Sunlight +5)

Love Challenge
 - Short Hair (Red) (Charm +100) - 500 Coins -  Get CG 
 - Rose Earrings (Red) (Charm +70) - 400 Coins or 4500 Tokens

Chapter 4

[1] I'm fine now. (Sunlight +5)
[2] What did you do to me? (Moonbean +5)

[1] I'll think about it. (Sunlight +5)
[2] I don't need to drink it yet. (Moonbean +5)

Chapter 5

[1] You’re my work partner. (Moonbean +5)
[2] There’s no deep meaning. (Sunlight +5)

[1] Let's go to my room (Sunlight +5)
[2] I'll go for help (Moonbean +5)

Love Challenge
 - Garden Cat in Rogan's Coat (Charm +70) - 750 Coins - Get CG
 - Matching Boots With Rogan (Charm +70) - 450 Coins or 7800 Tokens

Chapter 6

[1] Be surprised. (Moonbean +5)
[2] Smile. (Sunlight +5)

[1] Did something happen? (Sunlight +5)
[2] Why did you take such a cold attitude? (Moonbean +5)

Chapter 7

[1] You don't have to tell me. (Sunlight +5)
[2] Tell me the truth. (Moonbean +5)

[1] Why? (Sunlight +5)
[2] That wasn't your decision to make. (Moonbean +5)

Chapter 8

[1] It's my choice. (Moonbean +5)
[2] Don't blame Alfred. (Sunlight +5)

[1] What should we do tomorrow? (Sunlight +5)
[2] You're not going to come in? (Moonbean +5)

Chapter 9

[1] I chose him (Moonbean +5)
[2] To tell you the truth... (Sunlight +5)

Love Challenge
 - Black Lace Sequin Dress (Charm +100) - 900 Coins - Get CG
 - Garden Rogan's Room (Daytime) (Charm +100) - 500 Coins or 10000 Tokens

[1] Why don't we take a break for now? (Moonbean +5)
[2] I'll be fine. (Sunlight +5)

Chapter 10

[1] Don't hold back (Sunlight +5)
[2] Drink my blood (Moonbean +5)

[1] Calm (Moonbean +5)
[2] Nervous (Sunlight +5)


Serenade Ending

CG (new Photo)

Items Story Ticket×5, Cake×2, Bergamot Toilette×1, Dresser×3

Toccata Ending

CG (new Photo)

Items Story Ticket×5, Cake×2, Bergamot Toilette×1, Dresser×3

About Rogan

«If I touch you now, I'll never with that?» - Rogan, Blood in Roses+ (full walkthrough)

Alfred tells: Rogan is a security guard at the hotel. He likes to be alone and places a distance between himself and others. But seemingly, he is friends with Harold and Raymond.

Although he remains a man of mystery to me, he might open up his heart to you.

Thank you for reading «Walkthrough Blood in Roses+: Rogan» on my website.

I hope you enjoyed this story and am grateful for your support ^_~

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