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Walkthrough Blood in Roses+: Vance

Walkthrough Blood in Roses+: Vance

Thank you for reading «Walkthrough Blood in Roses+: Vance» on my website. Hope you enjoy this story!

I Remind: 


Chapter 1

[1] You're very confident in your abilities. (Moonbeam +5)
[2] Pride comes before a fall. (Sunlight +5)

[1] Are you a demon? (Sunlight +5)
[2] Are you a vampire? (Moonbeam +5)

Chapter 2

[1] (Have I met him somewhere before?) (Sunlight +5)
[2] Is that the friend you said was in town? (Moonbeam +5)

Avatar Challenge
 - PreRoyal Blue Lips (Charm +5) - 900 Tokens

CG (new Photo)

[1] Are you going to take me under your control? (Moonbeam +5)
[2] Is there a way to turn them back human? (Sunlight +5)

Chapter 3

[1] It was nothing. (Sunlight +5)
[2] Sorry if I startled you. (Moonbeam +5)

[1] We'll manage here, so you run away! (Moonbeam +5)
[2] I'm not going down that easily! (Sunlight +5)

Avatar Challenge
 - Butterfly Mask With Roses ( Charm +100) - 450 Coins + CG
 - Lace-edged Rose Sleeve Gloves (Charm +70) - 6800 Token

Chapter 4

[1] I'd love that! (Moonbeam +5)
Ignore Vance and keep walking. (Sunlight +5)

[1] Talk with Lionel. (Moonbeam +5)
[2] I'll go back to the room. (Sunlight +5)

Chapter 5

Avatar Challenge
 - Draping Rose Dress (Charm +100) - 700 Coins + CG
 - Clutch Bag (Charm +70) - 8800 Token

[1] I thought I'd take a little walk. (Sunlight +5)
[2] I was going to look for you. (Moonbeam +5)

[1] That's enough. (Sunlight +5)
Let me choose clothes for you, too. (Moonbeam +5)

Chapter 6

[1] Yes. (Moonbeam +5)
[2] No. (Sunlight +5)

[1] Which of us is going to take the bed? (Moonbeam +5)
[2] It's nothing. (Sunlight +5)

Chapter 7

[1] Isn't it hard to judge your own race? (Sunlight +5)
[2] Is it why Jay is after you? (Moonbeam +5)

[1] I will sacrifice my body for you. (Sunlight +5)
[2] Drink my blood. (Moonbeam +5)

Chapter 8

[1] I'm interested in Ioannis more. (Moonbeam +5)
[2] Ioannis, are you also a reaper? (Sunlight +5)

[1] Was it okay for you to tell them you're a guardian? (Moonbeam +5)
[2] Were those men involved in criminal activity, too? (Sunlight +5)

Chapter 9

[1] It doesn't seem like it was an enemy attack. (Sunlight +5)
[2] Are you both okay? (Moonbeam +5)

Avatar Challenge
 - [Garden] Gold Rose Garden (Charm +100) - 900 Coins + CG
 - Ombre Braided Hair With Roses (Charm +100) - 13000 Token

[1] I'd like to introduce you to my family, too. (Sunlight +5)
I'd love that. (Moonbeam +5)

Chapter 10

[1] Let me assist you. (Moonbeam +5)
[2] I'm going to fight, too. (Sunlight +5)

[1] The man in the hood himself. (Sunlight +5)
[2] The core that the rose petals are surrounding. (Moonbeam +5)


Serenade Ending

CG (new Photo)

[Items] Story Ticket×5, Cake×2, Bergamot Toilette×1, Dresser×3,  Item

Toccata Ending

CG (new Photo)

[Items] Story Ticket×5, Cake×2, Bergamot Toilette×1, Dresser×3, Item

About Vance

«Don't worry, I'll protect you. Leave everything to me and savor the joy of being in my arms.» - Vance, Blood in Roses+ (full walkthrough)

He's a vampire noble, but his aura is somewhat exceptional, isn't it? I heard he always gets in trouble. He likes traveling and has already visited many places. He might have some interesting stories to share. Intrigued? Then, to talk to him.

Thank you for reading «Walkthrough Blood in Roses+: Vance» on my website.

I hope you enjoyed this story and am grateful for your support ^_~

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