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Walkthrough My Sweet Proposal: Mitsui Keita

Walkthrough My Sweet Proposal: Mitsui Keita

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  1. You need to spin the Lab Gacha daily because there are items in the gacha that give you affection boosts.
  2. Save your stamina restoring items for events.


Mitsui Keita, My Sweet Proposal (full walkthrough)

Chapter 1: Reunion & Doubts

[1] But you shouldn't have to. 
[2] I just thought you might be busy. (+5)
[3] I'd rather do this with the bride-to-be. 

[1] Why are you saying that?
[2] It's nothing to be pleased about. 
[3] Well, it was nice to see an old face. (+5)

[1] Is that a compliment? (+5)
[2] Do you love your job?
[3] It's my calling.

Chapter 2: Misunderstanding

[1] Yes. 
[2] Who else would have done it? 
[3] I don't want to believe it, but... (+5)

[1] Are you being serious?
[2] Stop joking around. 
[3] I'll think about it. (+5)

[1] I can handle it myself.
[2] It's not your problem, Keita.
[3] Are you sure you want to? (+5)

Chapter 3: Being Attracted Again

[1] No. I'm happy you're helping. (+5)
[2] Do you not like giving me rides anymore?
[3] You're not imposing but... 

[1] Let go of my hand. 
[2] This is embarrassing.  
[3] Stay quiet. (+5)

[1] A little.
[2] Don't worry about me.
[3] I was just admiring the nice weather. (+5)

Chapter 4: Feelings that can not be Controlled

[1] You idiot!
[2] We're not even dating!
[3] I'm still embarrassed. (+5)

[1] You're overreacting.
[2] Sorry I worried you. (+5)
[3] You saved my life.

[1] No.
[2] I was just remembering the past.
[3] Will you? (+5)

Chapter 5: Can't Open Your Heart

[1] Not really.
[2] A little. (+5)
[3] Does he really have a cold?

[1] I have to get up early tomorrow. (+5)
[2] I don't want to catch your cold.
[3] Stop being such a baby.

[1] If you insist. (+5)
[2] But it wasn't a big deal.
[3] Sure, I don't have plans anyways.

Chapter 6: Shared Thoughts

[1] No. (+5)
[2] I wish. 
[3] We should focus on your wedding right now.

[1] I still have some work left.
[2] Don't you want to go to the second party?
[3] I feel the same way. (+5)

[1] I'm still not ready.
[2] I'd like to meet them. (+5)
[3] Do I have to meet them?

Chapter 7: Believe in Happiness

[1] Everything I went through made me stronger.
[2] Getting angry won't solve anything.
[3] I don't want things to be awkward between us. (+5)

[1] I'd be surprised.
[2] I'd support you. (+5)
[3] I can't even imagine it.

[1] I can't see us being married. (+5)
[2] I think I want to marry him.
[3] I'm not sure.

Chapter 8: Decision

[1] It's for you to decide, Keita. (+5)
[2] I have no thoughts.
[3] I don't want to tell you right now.

[1] Don't worry, I'm fine. (+5)
[2] Thanks.
[3] Are you okay. Keita?

[1] I do rely on you.
[2] I don't want to stress you.
[3] I'll try to do that more. (+5)

Chapter 9: Walking a Different Path

[1] I'm sorry. (+5)
[2] This is all my fault.
[3] Why aren't you upset with me?

[1] Yeah, girls have to get ready.
[2] No, I was happy about it. 
[3] I love surprises. (+5)

[1] I've made my decision.
[2] Don't you understand? (+5)
[3] This is the best for everyone.

Chapter 10: Irrepressible Feelings

[1] I think you're a good match for him. 
[2] This doesn't concern me anymore. 
[3] I hope you're happy together. (+5)

[1] I just want you two to be happy.
[2] This is between me and Keita. (+5)
[3] Don't worry.

[1] Don't give up.
[2] I want you to try.
[3] You're in charge of your own destiny. (+5)

Chapter 11: Truth Connecting Two People

[1] Thanks (+5)
[2] I could really use your help.
[3] Let's discuss it right now.

[1] I'll ask him. (+5)
[2] I' don't want to get him involved.
[3] I wonder if he'll talk?

[1] Try hard and I'm sure you can.
[2] But I like that about you. (+5)
[3] We wouldn't want to have more fights over it.

Normal Ending: <160 Affection points
True Ending: >160 Affection points
Proposal End: >200 Affection points, 2000 Engagement Strength 

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