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Walkthrough My Sweet Proposal: Tsukishima Takeru

Walkthrough My Sweet Proposal: Tsukishima Takeru

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  1. You need to spin the Lab Gacha daily because there are items in the gacha that give you affection boosts.
  2. Save your stamina restoring items for events.


Tsukishima Takeru, My Sweet Proposal (full walkthrough)

Chapter 1: Lame Destiny and Exquisite Encounter

[1] I have to apologize.
[2] I should probably apologize. (+5)
[3] I'll explain.

[1] Why did you want to see me again? (+5)
[2] Did you swap the suitcases on purpose?
[3] What do you want from me?

[1] Don't say things like that.
[2] ...
[3] ... please don't involve me in this. (+5)

Chapter 2: A Heart Shaked by Suspicion

[1] I'm going home! (+5)
[2] I am free, but...
[3] I have plans, so I can't.

[1] Wasn't there an audition?
[2] That's lucky.
[3] (So he's riding off his brother's success...?) (+5)

[1] It's fine.
[2] Is it always like that? (+5)
[3] I was scared.

Chapter 3: The Darkness Hidden Behind the Light

[1] Yuki and I? 
[2] What do you mean? (+5 )
[3] I think you're misunderstanding.

[1] Why me? (+5) 
[2] I don't need it. 
[3] I can't.

[1] I don't believe that.
[2] I don't think that exactly...
[3] I thought it was amazing. (+5)

Chapter 4: The Sign of the Real Start

[1] I could say the same about you. (+5)
[2] Do you always do things like this?
[3] You're a horrible person.

[1] We need to apologize to each other. (+5)
[2] We have to properly draw the line.
[3] I want you to apologize to me.

[1] Tsuki.
[2] Mr Tsukishima. (+5)
[3] Same as up until now.

Chapter 5: First Workplace Experience

[1] You mean you're not!?
[2] Me!? (+5)
[3] I have to do that too!?

[1] You're also one of us. (+5)
[2] This job would be impossible.
[3] Why don't you come and work for us?

[1] Of course not.
[2] I'm sad.
[3] What are you saying? (+5)

Chapter 6: In Passion

[1] Are there other things you want to ask? (+5)
[2] What do you mean?
[3] What's the next thing you want to ask, then?

[1] I hope that Takeru will come to understand your feelings.
[2] I'll try and talk to him.
[3] Good luck at work. (+5)

[1] It's cold.
[2] You'll catch a cold.
[3] Were you waiting the whole time? (+5)

Chapter 7: Sweet Time, Sweet Trap

[1] Is that okay? (+5)
[2] Don't you have work?
[3] Go somewhere?

[1] I've watched it so many times!
[2] But I can't help but look at you.
[3] Of course I am! (+5)

[1] What's going on?
[2] I don't believe it. (+5)
[3] Did he deceive me again?

Chapter 8: A Glittering Dark World

[1] I'm sorry. (+5)
[2] It's my fault.
[3] I was careless.

[1] Is there something you want to say?
[2] Are you trying to keep me in check?
[3] He's not playing me. (+5)

[1] I'm glad we met. (+5)
[2] I don't regret anything.
[3] I don't want to think about that.

Chapter 9: Return to Zero Again

[1] I wonder if he'll be sad.
[2] What will he think?
[3] I'm sorry. (+5)

[1] I'm so happy.
[2] Because you're so defenseless. (+5)
[3] Because it's funny.

[1] I have something important to say. (+5)
[2] Yesterday was really fun.
[3] I want to end this.

Chapter 10: The past and...

[1] No.
[2] I don't know.
[3] Yeah. (+5)

[1] Bang on the shutters
[2] Yell out (+5)
[3] Peek through a tiny hole

[1] I might die.
[2] I won't give up.
[3] Someone will come and save me. (+5)

Chapter 11: I'll Fall in Love with You Again and Again

[1] How did you know where I was? (+5)
[2] Why did you come?
[3] Do you know who did it?

[1] That's not true.
[2] I'm partially at fault. (+5)
[3] That's true.

[1] Go to work.
[2] Go to see the play. (+5)
[3] Call Takeru.

Normal Ending: <160 Affection points
True Ending: >160 Affection points
Proposal End: >200 Affection points, 2000 Engagement Strength 

Thank you for reading «Walkthrough My Sweet Proposal: Tsukishima Takeru» on my website.

I hope you enjoyed this story and am grateful for your support ^_~

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