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Walkthrough My Sweet Proposal: Seo Eishi

Walkthrough My Sweet Proposal: Seo Eishi

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  1. You need to spin the Lab Gacha daily because there are items in the gacha that give you affection boosts.
  2. Save your stamina restoring items for events.


Seo Eishi, My Sweet Proposal (full walkthrough)

Chapter 1: Worst First Impression Ever

[1] I scream.
[2] Who are you? (+5)
[3] Get out!

[1] The man who created that kimono. (+5)
[2] Priests, for example.
[3] I'm sure there are some out there somewhere.

[1] …is a problem.
[2] No.
[2] …can't be helped, I suppose. (+5)

Chapter 2: Unable to see His True Face

[1] I take out my cell phone. 
[2] I hand him my business card. (+5)
[3] I tell him my number.

[1] If it was free.
[2] That would be awesome. (+5)
[3] Impossible

[1] I'm fine. (+5)
[2] Please don't worry about it.
[3] I'm not drunk.

Chapter 3: Another Side of His Personality

[1] It's nothing.
[2] Out, out, damned spot…
[3] I'm sorry that I slapped you. (+5)

[1] No, that's all right.
[2] Nod silently.
[3] Are you sure you don't mind? (+5)

[1] Just tell him my name and ask him to call Eishi. (+5)
[2] Tell him I'm a friend and ask him to call Eishi.
[3] Tell him that we're lovers and ask him to call Eishi.

Chapter 4: His True Face

[1] Are you just going home?
[2] Did you sleep here?
[3] Don't say anything. (+5)

[1] I don't care.
[2] I will support you. (+5)
[3] Did you?

[1] You would do that!?
[2] But…
[3] That would be great! (+5)

Chapter 5: Swaying Balance

[1] I just know him through work.
[2] Nothing.
[3] He took good care of me. (+5)

[1] Does he have a history of doing such things?
[2] He's not that kind of person. (+5)
[3] What is it that you expect me to say?

[1] Don't say anything. (+5)
[2] ...Yes.
[3] Of course.

Chapter 6: A Door You Shall Not Open

[1] I can't promise that. (+5)
[2] I'll try not to.
[3] I understand.

[1] Don't say anything.
[2] He really didn't do anything.
[3] It's not that! (+5)

[1] I thought you were avoiding me.
[2] Silently, I shake my head. (+5)
[3] No, it's all right.

Chapter 7: Heaven and Hell

[1] Call out to him.
[2] Stay quiet and go stand by his side.
[3] Leave things as they are. (+5)

[1] I don't know.
[2] I shake my head silently. (+5)
[3] I don't think so.

[1] Frankly, yes. (+5)
[2] No, he doesn't.
[3] I don't really know.

Chapter 8: Fallen Genius

[1] We still don't know what it means.
[2] I trust Mr. Seo.
[3] This information is wrong. (+5)

[1] Want to stay at your side. (+5)
[2] Don't need to be taken anywhere.
[3] Won't go home.

[1] A little.
[2] Please don't ask!
[3] Not at all! (+5)

Chapter 9: The Reason Why a Girl Fights

[1] I don't understand anything.
[2] I understand that no one is going to be happy.
[3] I understand that you have hurt him. (+5)

[1] I don't answer. 
[2] What does that have to do with this? 
[3] Yes. (+5)

[1] Don't answer. (+5)
[2] I can't say.
[3] I lie.

Chapter 10: Twisted Past

[1] Let's leave him alone.
[2] Why? (+5)
[3] What are you thinking?

[1] If that's your decision...
[2] I feel the same way. (+5)
[3] It's all right.

[1] What are you saying.
[2] I'm sure you're right.
[3] I hope so. (+5)

Chapter 11: Tragic Hero

[1] Calm down.
[2] It's not wrong.
[3] Are you sure of that? (+5)

[1] Did you clear things up? (+5)
[2] Is everything all right?
[3] What did you talk about?

[1] There's something else I want to ask.
[2] I can go home alone.
[3] Thank you. (+5)

Normal Ending: <160 Affection points
True Ending: >160 Affection points
Proposal End: >200 Affection points, 2000 Engagement Strength 

Thank you for reading «Walkthrough My Sweet Proposal: Seo Eishi» on my website.

I hope you enjoyed this story and am grateful for your support ^_~

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