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Walkthrough My Sweet Proposal: Tokito Shinya

Walkthrough My Sweet Proposal: Tokito Shinya

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  1. You need to spin the Lab Gacha daily because there are items in the gacha that give you affection boosts.
  2. Save your stamina restoring items for events.


Tokito Shinya, My Sweet Proposal (full walkthrough)

Chapter 1: Return of the Competent Boss

[1] Good morning.
[2] Welcome back. (+5)
[3] It's been a while.

[1] Protest. (+5)
[2] That's true...
[3] Stay silent.

[1] Did you buy that by accident?
[2] It's nothing.
[3] It's a bit unexpected. (+5)

Chapter 2: A Glimpse of the Real Him

[1] Bow to Shinya.
[2] Thanks to Shinya. (+5)
[3] Call out to Shinya.

[1] Get out of bed.
[2] Close my eyes again.
[3] For the time being, sit up. (+5)

[1] I've lost my card case. (+5)
[2] It's nothing.
[3] I'm just looking for something.

Chapter 3: The Missing Past

[1] I'll refrain.
[2] Look at Shinya. (+5)
[3] I'd like to go.

[1] Does it look like that? (+5)
[2] I don't think that's true.
[3] What do you mean?

[1] Go and buy a coffee. (+5)
[2] Think about something else.
[3] Concentrate on work.

Chapter 4: An Unrequited Longing

[1] Have her come and pick it up.
[2] Deliver it yourself.
[3] Send it by post. (+5)

[1] Nod silently.
[2] I don't know. (+5)
[3] He stopped you.

[1] Stop walking.
[2] Nod at him.
[3] Good morning. (+5)

Chapter 5: So Close, And Yet So Far

[1] Confirm it with your own eyes. (+5)
[2] Please read it.
[3] It's from Mai.

[1] I wasn't going to do anything.
[2] Please don't ask that.
[3] That would be a shock. (+5)

[1] Care au lait. (+5)
[2] Black coffee.
[3] Tea.

Chapter 6: Warmness of a Touch

[1] Try and get out.
[2] Call for help on my phone.
[3] Wait for the power to come back on. (+5)

[1] Please get some sleep! (+5)
[2] You're not allowed to push yourself too hard.
[3] Of course you're not fine.

[1] Japanese food. (+5)
[2] Chinese food.
[3] Western food.

Chapter 7: A Binded Heart

[1] Wait obediently.
[2] I'll be late.
[3] Why? (+5)

[1] Because you thought that you weren't suited for it. (+5)
[2] Because someone recommended it to you.
[3] Because you thought that it suited you.

[1] Move his hand.
[2] Turn away. (+5)
[3] Puff out my cheeks.

Chapter 8: Happiness Acquired

[1] Consult with the countractor.
[2] Consult with Mizuki.
[3] Consult with Shinya. (+5)

[1] You're so mean. (+5)
[2] It can't be helped if it's my first time.
[3] Please don't laugh at me.

[1] I won't go.
[2] Are you jealous? (+5)
[3] You're a worrier, aren't you?

Chapter 9: Two in Isolation

[1] Wait silently. (+5)
[2] Are you okay?
[3] Did something happen?

[1] I'm fine.
[2] I'm lonely. (+5)
[3] What do you think?

[1] It's because I can't do anything.
[2] It's because I'd be a bother.
[3] It's because I don't want to be in his way. (+5)

Chapter 10: A Mutually Supportive Relationship

[1] Have you been resting properly?
[2] Don't push yourself too hard.
[3] Sorry for not being able to do anything. (+5)

[1] Are you angry? (+5)
[2] Am I a bother?
[3] Should I leave?

[1] It's because you were able to convey your feelings. (+5)
[2] I didn't do anything.
[3] It's because you worked hard.

Chapter 11: Now, A Happy Holiday

[1] Bocca della Veriti
[2] Bocca della Verito
[3] Bocca della Verita (+5)

[1] Posideon (+5)
[2] Apollon
[3] Cupid

[1] I'm sorry!
[2] What should I do?!
[3] I'll get ready straight away! (+5)

Normal Ending: <160 Affection points
True Ending: >160 Affection points
Proposal End: >200 Affection points, 2000 Engagement Strength 

Thank you for reading «Walkthrough My Sweet Proposal: Tokito Shinya» on my website.

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