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Walkthrough Mystic Messenger: Zen ~ Day 11

Walkthrough Mystic Messenger: Zen ~ Day 11

Thank you for reading «Walkthrough Mystic Messenger: Zen ~ Day 11» on my website. Hope you enjoy this story!

If you wanna complete Zen's Casual Story and see Good Ending you need to select the answers that a bold. If you wanna get the Bad Endings then select the answers that are marked with *.

Full walkthrough, Mystic Messenger ~ Zen ~ Day 11 (Ryu Hyun, Casual Story)

Walkthrough ~ Zen ~ Day 11

08:00 – Look forward to the party

Character(s): Jaehee, Jumin, Zen, Yoosung

Selection 1

Today's a good day, but I'm worried about V… (<<)
Hello~! The party is finally today.

Selection 2

I knew it… V only talks to the two of you.
Why didn't you say anything then?  (<<)

Selection 3

There must be some sort of story.
???  (<<)

Selection 4

I'm so grateful you came for me…
My Zenny is very special  (<<)

Selection 5

Hello, Yoosung!
Is he coming today? (<<)

Selection 6

Is V coming alone? (<<)
Are you coming with Seven, Yoosung?

Selection 7

I'm okay thanks to Zen  (<<)
Zenny… gave me a lot of love so I'm good.

Selection 8

Z-Zen… haha;;; (<<)
*cough cough*

Selection 9

Sure, by Yoosung!
Jumin~ See you later! (<<)

Selection 10

I'm a bit nervous…
Yes! (<<)

12:00 Party Start

Good Ending: You need a minimum of 10 guests to attend the party to get the good end, but invite as many as you can. Also make sure you have answered all guest emails and have three green before starting the Party.

Normal Ending: If you want to normal end, you are better off not inviting any guests to the party.


Thank you for reading «Walkthrough Mystic Messenger: Zen ~ Day 11» on my website.

I hope you enjoyed this story and am grateful for your support ^_~

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