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Walkthrough Mystic Messenger: Jumin ~ Day 11

Walkthrough Mystic Messenger: Jumin ~ Day 11

Thank you for reading «Walkthrough Mystic Messenger: Jumin ~ Day 11» on my website. Hope you enjoy this story!

If you wanna complete Jumin's Deep Story and see Good Ending you need to select the answers that a bold. If you wanna get the Bad Endings then select the answers that are marked with *.

Full walkthrough, Mystic Messenger ~ Jumin ~ Day 11 (Han Jumin, Deep Story)

Walkthrough ~ Jumin ~ Day 11

08:00 – It is the place

Character(s): Yoosung, Zen, Jaehee, 707, Jumin

Selection 1

Where's Jumin?
Hey everyone! (<<)

Selection 2

You cleaned up your house?
Since it's my first party, I'm nervous lol (<<)

Selection 3

Yes. I feel like Jumin and my love is going back to normalcy too. (<<)
Congrats on gaming again lol

Selection 4

I thought Zen really wanted to see my face.
Jumin deserves that privilage though. (<<)

Selection 5

How's the preparation going? (<<)

Selection 6

They will be waiting for you too Yoosung~!
Right. (<<)

Selection 7

Jumin is the main face though.
Everyone is the main face, so calm down lol (<<)

Selection 8

You deserve an amazing break~ really lol
I want to go on vacation with Jumin.. (<<)

Selection 9

Hello hello!
How're you feeling? (<<)

Selection 10

Seven, please cheer up as the party is today! (<<)
It's all thanks to V lol

Selection 11

Jumin~ I miss you~ (<<)
Is my honey bunny here?

Selection 12

I believe in you Jumin! (<<)
Isn't the party venue too small then?

Selection 13

Huh? (<<)
Why are they coming?

Selection 14

Yes, Jaehee really deserves some credit.
I really like how honest you are Jumin. (<<)

Selection 15

No, the flowers will bloom all over the earth now.
Jumin is a kind person by nature. (<<)

Selection 16

But is Seven still here?
Since it's a good change, let's encourage him to keep doing it ^^ (<<)

Selection 17

I don't thnk Jumin wants to interrogate you. He's just curious. (<<)
Could you describe your home environment in detail Yoosung?

Selection 18

Don't tell me Jumin that you wear those?
Just send Zen those sweatpants through quick delivery. (<<)

Selection 19

Jumin… you want to protect me 100%, right? I understand. (<<)
I want your protection Jumin, unconditional protection.

Selection 20

I miss you back... (<<)
We will see each other soon. ^^

Selection 21

It's better to talk about serious matters in person~ (<<)

12:00 Party Start

Good Ending: You need a minimum of 10 guests to attend the party to get a good end, but invite as many as you can. Also, make sure you have answered all guest emails and have three green before starting the Party.

Normal Ending: If you want to normal end, you are better off not inviting any guests to the party.


Thank you for reading «Walkthrough Mystic Messenger: Jumin ~ Day 11» on my website.

I hope you enjoyed this story and am grateful for your support ^_~

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